What is the AVIF image format

AVIF Image Format is an exciting new open source and royalty-free optimized image format. An AVIF image offers a significant reduction in file size compared to JPEG, PNG and WebP and is currently supported by Google Chrome, Firefox and Android browsers.

Day by day, more efficient image and fast loading formats are being developed. The WebP image extension and the SVG image extension are the most widely used image compression extensions today. As a competitor, AVIF seems to replace WebP and SVG as it offers stronger compression.

Specifications of the AVIF image format

  • High dynamic range
  • 8, 10, 12 bit color depth lossless
  • compression lossy compression
  • Monochrome (alpha/depth) or multiple components
  • Any color space, including Wide Color Gamut, ISO /IEC CICP and ICC profiles
  • 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 color subsampling

Difference of AVIF image format

The AVIF image format offers a significant reduction in file size for lossy images compared to JPEG and even Google’s WebP image format. A lossy image removes unnecessary data from the original image file to reduce the file size, but this process is not reversible. Reducing the file size can speed up your website load time, improve your SEO rankings, and reduce bounce rate. On average, using an AVIF image saves 50% compared to a JPEG image and 20% compared to WebP images.

The following image shows this difference.

Avif Vs Webp

The AVIF extension seems to be gaining importance by the day, mainly because websites that load faster get better positions in the rankings. If you have a website with a WordPress infrastructure, you can use the following plugins.

You can use the following plugins to convert your existing and newly uploaded images to .avif format for your WordPress website.

Convert WebP and AVIF & Optimize Images

AVIF, WebP, image optimization

For other website infrastructures, there are currently manual conversion tools available online. You can visit the link below for online tools.

WebP JPEG PNG to AVIF online converter.

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