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What is Digital Marketing?

The question of what is digital marketing is important for those who want to use today’s digital solutions in the best way. Today, digital marketing has become a necessity for businesses to create and sustain their digital presence. In this context, the existence of businesses that adapt to digital transformation in the digital environment is possible with digital marketing.

What is the Definition of Digital Marketing?


It is very important to answer the question of what is digital marketing correctly. As in traditional marketing, the actions in the process of delivering brands and products to customers are called digital marketing.

In order for the concept to become clearer, it should be known that it is not only about the sale of the product. In particular, digital marketing does not mean encouraging the continuous sale of products or making calls to customers about these products. In this context, marketing is to make the brand visible in the digital environment.

There are many digital marketing tools available today. Social media, website, Google ads ads and email marketing are important parts of digital marketing. All transactions are about reaching potential customers, attracting them and increasing sales. However, all digital transactions that should be known here do not mean marketing. For example, a brand may have a social media account. However, as a result of the mismanagement of this social media account, marketing does not take place. In particular, the success of reaching potential buyers should be ensured at points such as providing information about the product and service, reminding, activating, recording.

What are Digital Marketing Tools?

The tools to be used for the question of what is digital marketing are also of great importance. Because marketing tools function in order for digital marketing to give successful results. Possible tools for this are as follows;

  • Web site
  • assets belonging to the brand; logo or slogan
  • Social media accounts
  • Google ads ad account
  • Registration and mapping in search engines
  • Company’s video, visual, product or service photos
  • Written content, such as a blog page, product promotions or catalogues
  • Comments, ratings
  • Email newsletters
  • Promotional content on platforms such as Youtube
  • influencer Marketing (Influencer Marketing)

They are the main digital marketing tools. Vehicles suitable for each brand can be added to the list in question. Basically, the work of these tools is to announce the name of the brand to large segments. Learning each of them closely will also make digital marketing easier.

Web site

The most important point to do digital marketing is to have a website. The technical parts, such as the website’s software, are unimportant. The important thing is to provide access to users and potential customers through the website. Especially for brands, the preparation of the corporate website is important in terms of making the brand value visible on the internet. With the website, customers can reach the company, get information about its products or services, or have an idea about its general appearance. In this respect, the design of the website is also important. A bad-looking website design will create negative judgments about the brand’s image. On the contrary, a well-designed website will create a positive atmosphere for visitors.

Brand Assets

Brand assets are of great importance for the question of what is digital marketing. Brand-specific factors such as logo and slogan are important for retention. This point is important not only for digital marketing but also for traditional marketing. Because brands that reach wide audiences are known by their names and they are always made sustainable with their names. Slogans are also important in terms of influencing people. Therefore, paying attention to details such as the slogan and logo of your brand means that you can successfully carry out digital marketing.

Social media accounts

One of the most important points for digital marketing is the correct execution of social media accounts. Today, many internet users actively follow social media. In fact, since social media has become a separate place in the internet, brands in this medium can also be successful in their marketing efforts. Social media is also very suitable for product or service promotion as a structure. However, when using these channels, priority should be given to the kind of sharing that will really attract the attention of the users, instead of direct advertising. Direct advertising will not attract the attention of users, and it may be found against the community rules of the social media platform and may lead to the closure of the account.

Search Engines

Search engines are of great importance in digital marketing stages. The number of visitors coming from search engines will be quite high. That’s why it’s in digital marketing to prioritize ads on search engines or add features such as map registration. Considering the data in the search results, the brand that will appear in the first place has a great advantage in terms of marketing.

Visual Media

Since visuality is one of the basic concepts of the digital world, it will be useful for the brand to share photos, videos or similar images of its products or services in order to reach potential customers. Shared images are much more remarkable than texts. You can reach potential customers thanks to the visuals prepared in a particularly intriguing way.

Written Content

Although visuality is important for digital marketing, writing also plays a big role. Written content allows the brand to rank higher in search engine results. Likewise, by allowing users to spend more time on the website, it also affects the compatibility of the site in terms of SEO.

Comments and Ratings

Digital marketing is not always an area to receive positive feedback. Managing difficult situations is also included as digital marketing content. Therefore, all comments about the company should be allowed. Positive reviews increase the brand image, while bad reviews can damage the image. However, including negative comments is helpful in gaining an idea of ​​how the brand is solving problems. However, having only positive comments raises questions about the brand. Likewise, you should consider that it is not possible to satisfy every customer.

Email Marketing

Although email marketing may seem like a traditional method, it is still an effective and valid digital marketing tool today. Email marketing, which is beneficial in terms of reaching the target audience directly, is very advantageous for promoting and informing about products. With the e-mail newsletters you will prepare, you can provide information about products or services, offer offers, and talk about special campaigns. Thanks to the correct preparation of the content, the use of e-mail creates significant benefits among marketing efforts.

Affiliate Affiliate

Sales partnership is one of the answers to the question of what is digital marketing. Affiliate partnerships are basically based on both parties making a profit. While the producer profits from this situation, the sales partner also makes a profit. You can benefit from affiliate programs for requirements such as announcing the brand or products to large audiences.

Influencer Marketing

Social media is very important nowadays. Being visible on social media means being able to appeal to many people. On the other hand, you can make your brand gain a significant popularity by contacting people called social media phenomena. These phenomena will provide important returns within the scope of the number of users they reach by explaining the promotion, reviews or services of your brand.


Remarketing method is to obtain information about internet usage of users through special algorithms. Accordingly, related advertisements are displayed on another site visited after the visited site. Thus, marketing focuses on attracting attention to the brand by doing it again and again.

Display Ads

Digital marketing offers very functional opportunities in terms of advertising. Especially preferring display ads attracts more attention of customers. Since display ads basically contain images related to the product or service, they are extremely useful for users to be interested in the brand’s products.

What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing?

If it is possible to answer the question of what is digital marketing as the marketing process carried out by the brand in the digital environment, it should also be considered that it will bring many advantages to the brand in the digital environment. The advantages of digital marketing are immense for brands when the right steps are taken.

Identifying the Target Audience

Among the advantages of digital marketing is the ability to clearly identify the target audience together with special marketing techniques. This is extremely beneficial for the growth of the brand. Determining the target audience in traditional methods is very costly and time consuming. It is possible to get efficient results in digital marketing as there is no possibility of losing and wasting. At the same time, since the number of views and clicks on products or services can be clearly seen, the possibility of intervention in case of a wrong situation increases.

Providing Communication Anytime

It is always possible to communicate with target and potential customers for digital marketing studies. It is also possible for Internet users to communicate about the product or service they are seeing. Thanks to the absence of time and date restrictions and the possibility of uninterrupted communication, customer satisfaction is also provided at a high level. As the researches show, it has been determined that companies that communicate correctly with customers through digital channels are more advanced in terms of brand prestige.

Customer Acquisition

It is known that the vast majority of those who will shop or receive service from the brand primarily research the internet visibility of the brand. The success of the brand in digital channels is important in terms of gaining new customers. It is much more likely to acquire new customers, especially for brands that make a good impression on digital channels. Therefore, the visibility of the brand should be ensured by using the right marketing techniques.

Reducing Flood Costs

In traditional marketing, methods such as brochures and catalogs are important expense items. Along with these items, significant expenses are incurred for the brand. However, promoting the products in the digital environment helps to produce much more economical results with text and visuals. In addition, while the marketing tools in traditional methods do not have continuity, since the methods in the digital media will be kept permanently, it is also possible to make them sustainable.

Analysis of Customer Behaviors

One of the most important answers to the question of what is digital marketing is that marketing methods allow to analyze customer behavior. The constant change of brands is extremely important in today’s competitive market. In this case, it is possible to measure the behavior of customers digitally with the help of various tools. With statistical data such as which products visitors or customers look at, how often they visit the pages, what kind of keywords they reach the site, which products they buy, the brand is much more likely to develop itself and make its services sustainable.

Things to Consider in Digital Marketing

While creating a digital marketing strategy, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points. At the first stage, attention should be paid to the correct analysis. Basically, this stage includes determining the positive and negative aspects of the product or service to be marketed with the brand, the characteristics of the target audience and the customer profile. For this, techniques such as SWOT analysis should be applied. It is important to learn about the weaknesses and strengths of the brand, to evaluate the opportunities, and to make analyzes such as campaigns or discounts.

Afterwards, by making an action plan, the marketing channel should be decided during the target setting phase. In general, marketing tactics are evaluated as a whole. In other words, website, social media, Google ads, e-mail marketing tools, 360 degree marketing strategy should be implemented in the most efficient way. Because both sides have a lot to offer in order to reach new segments. Identifying potential customers and reaching the target audience will also take place during this planned action phase. Although digital marketing efforts respond in a shorter time than traditional methods, the waiting time should still be taken into account. Thus, the digital visibility of the brand will be increased.

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