WordPress PHP version update

WordPress PHP version update, using the latest PHP version for your WordPress website improves performance and website speed.

In this article, we will show you how to easily update the PHP version of your WordPress website.

Why Should You Update Your WordPress Site’s PHP Version?

Wordpress was developed using an open source programming language called PHP. It wants you to use at least PHP 7.4 or higher after the 5.7.1 update. The reason for this is speed and developing technology.

PHP versions 7.4 and higher improve performance by running more efficiently and reducing memory usage. This makes your Wordpress site faster and reduces the load on your server.

The first step to increase Google ranking is web pages that open in less than 5 seconds. You should update your PHP version to a minimum of 7.4, as wordpress website speed improvement is not something to be ignored.

Checking WordPress PHP version

Go to Tools » Site Health page from your admin panel and switch to the ‘Info’ tab. When you click the server tab in the window that opens, you can view your server status and PHP version.

Site Sagligi Suncu Bilgiileri

Wordpress PHP version update steps

Follow the steps below to easily update your PHP version.

  1. Login to Cpanel that your host company provides you.
  2. Search for Select PHP version or Multi PHP Manager titles and click on the title you found to open the window
  3. In the PHP Selector window, you will see the current PHP version you are using against the Current PHP version. You will have updated your PHP version by selecting the minimum version 7.4 and above with the drop-down arrow and clicking Set as current.

You can easily complete this process by watching the pictures or video below.

Cpanel Php Surum Guncelleme
Wordpress Php Surum Guncellem 2
Wordpress Php Surum Yukseltme

You can also do this by watching our video content.

In this content, we explained Wordpress PHP version upgrade. We hope it was useful. You can let us know what you want to ask in the comments section.

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