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You can expand your business volume by using the advertising models offered by Google Ads to reach your potential customers in Istanbul and increase your sales of products, services or to create your brand awareness.

There are many models of Google advertising, which we have listed below. Start advertising today by choosing the mockups that suit you.

How to advertise on Google?


  • Create a Google account (gmail)
  • Choose your keywords (determine the best keywords relevant to your industry or have an expert analyze the keywords with high search volume)
  • Configure campaign settings
  • Prepare your ad text (express your service or product the most, your headlines and keywords should overlap with each other)
  • Complete your ad extensions (phone, image, location extension, discount, etc.)
  • Embed conversion codes (important for data-driven remarketing and bidding automated bidding, a higher bidding model CPA)
  • Configure your billing settings (whether you spend by loading a specific balance or choose for automatic invoices)

  • Search Ads (Google search engine and partners)
  • Display network ( People and organizations that receive ads on Google adsense websites )
  • Shopping ads (ads in the Google search engine shopping section and website owners advertising with Adsense)
  • Youtube ads (5 seconds non-skippable ads before broadcast and 15 in-stream ads)
  • Remarketing ads (Resulting audience-facing ad model)

Google Advertising Process and Details

The Google advertising process starts by creating a google ads account. There are 2 options in advertising panel management. Simple management panel; this is a panel that anyone can use. The second panel management is Expert mode. Expert mode is managed by certified Google ads trained Google ads models listed above. It has a complicated structure. Now let’s examine how the process progresses in headings.

How much does it cost to advertise on Google?

Google gives you complete freedom when it comes to setting your advertising budget. Your monthly budget can be thousands of dollars or a few hundred dollars. You’ll only pay for people who click on your ads on the Google search network. If your ads are appearing but not clicking, it costs nothing.

How do I pay Google?

You can pay for your Google Ads account by credit, debit card or bank transfer. If you choose to pay by credit or debit card, you may be billed in two different ways.
Manual payments: Allows you to pay the card you set for your Google Ads account at any interval for the amount you set.
Automatic payments: With this payment method, Google charges your ad account. When your spend reaches certain limits, Google automatically charges you.

How many days will my ads run?

You can set a maximum daily spending limit for each campaign you create. Let’s say you’ve added a budget of $1000 to your Google Ads account. The campaign you create has a daily budget of $10. The maximum amount you can spend over 30 days is $300. If the cost is less than $10 on some days, you may see daily costs above $10 in subsequent days.

How much do I pay for ad clicks?

Google ads work on an auction model. Auctions are held separately for each search query on Google. Currently, advertisers participating in the auction are listed in search results based on their ad ranking scores. Ad rank is determined by your CPC bid and quality score for each keyword. If no other advertisers participate in the auction for your desired keyword, you’ll pay the maximum bid per click you set.


Keywords are the foundation of search engine ads. You choose which keywords you want to show ads to people for which search queries.

Impressions, clicks, and click-through rates

In the Google Ads interface, you can easily see how many impressions and clicks your keywords are getting. In addition to these metrics, there are also click-through rates. Click-through rates are calculated by dividing clicks on your keywords by impressions. By comparing the click-through rates of your keywords, you can identify your keywords at the same timeyou’ll get an idea of whether or not zin is shown in relevant search queries.

What is CPC?

Your cost-per-click (CPC) bid is the most you’re willing to pay per click. But that doesn’t mean you’ll pay the amount you set.

What is a Quality Score?

Google Ads sets quality scores for each keyword you add to your account. Quality scores directly affect the amount you pay per click. The higher your Quality Score, the better your ad will rank and the lower the average cost-per-click you’ll have to pay. Google considers 3 key factors when determining your quality score. These are expected click-through rate, landing page experience, and ad relevance.

Expected click-through rate: This factor, which directly affects quality score, is based on historical data about the click-through rate of your ads. Estimates how likely your ads are to be clicked when shown.

Ad relevance: Ad relevance measures how well your keyword matches your ads.

Example: We search for “Istanbul Second-Hand Goods” on Google. Make the ad text look like this. Although both ads are for Istanbul Second Hand Goods, doesn’t the advertisement “Istanbul Second Hand Goods” seem more relevant?

Istanbul Second Hand Goods
Istanbul Second-Hand Goods Buyers

In these cases, you may need to create separate ad groups and write separate ad text, even if they’re relevant, to keep your relevance score high.

Landing Page Experience: Google evaluates how well the page you’re directing users to matches their search query.

If your landing page loads late, isn’t it normal for Google to penalize you if you greet users with a design that isn’t mobile-friendly?
At the same time, the page you direct users to should be compatible with your keywords. If you redirect the user who is looking for second-hand goods in Istanbul to the Ankara second-hand goods page, users will have a bad experience and Google will penalize you again.

What is the average position?

The average position of your ads on Google search results pages compared to other ads
but if you express the order. For example, if your average position is 1.1, you can say that most of your ad impressions come first. However, this does not mean that all ads will appear at the top of the page. This means that if there are no ads above the fold, your ad position will be shown as 1, even if your ad appears in the first position at the bottom of the page.


Conversions are a metric you should use to understand what your ads are bringing you. For example, the most important conversion for an e-commerce site might be a sale, fill out a form, or a phone call for businesses advertising in the service industry.

To track conversions in your Google Ads account, you need to do some integrations. Before you spend any money, make sure you’ve set up conversion tracking correctly.

From our AHG Digital marketing agency; You can get consulting or ad management services for Google Ads ads.

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