7 Best WordPress Hosting Packages in the World

Best wordpress hosting packages; In this list content, we have prepared a guide for the person looking for hosting (hosting) service for the worpress infrastructure. When choosing WordPress hosting, consume the wordpress hosting you need by considering the usage features and prices in the list below.

How to Choose WordPress Hosting?


When choosing WordPress hosting, you should choose the hosting package that best meets the needs of your project. The reason we mentioned this at the beginning is that you don’t have to start with a low package and move to a higher package as the number of users increase, so that you do not lose data or perform a new backup or restore operation every time. When you exceed a certain number of users, your hosting package may be insufficient. The point we want to draw attention to is; Choosing the right hosting package at the beginning according to the size of your project will save you time and budget.

For Blog, News, Store, Corporate, E-Commerce websites, the ones in this list:

  • CPU
  • Memory(RAM)
  • Number of site hosts
  • SSD disk space
  • SSL
  • Number of traffic per month
  • Backup times
  • Maximum number of e-mail accounts allowed
  • DDoS

You should choose by considering important features such as Here are the hosting companies and the wordpress hosting package features they offer.

Here are the Best WordPress Hosting Packages

1.Güzel Hosting Wordpress Paketleri (guzel.net.tr)

Guzel.net.tr, which has been providing server services for about 12 years, is one of the most preferred hosting companies in our country due to its reasonable price, strong infrastructure and fast customer support by many users. You can find the wordpress hosting packages and prices offered by the pictures below.

Güzel Hosting Wordpress | En İyi Wordpress Hosting
Guzel Hosting Wordpress Paketleri2


Turhost is one of the most established server services companies in Turkey. The company, which has been producing solutions for hosting needs since 2004, is known for its high server speeds. With years of experience and positive customer reviews, turhost is among the most preferred hosting companies. Here are the wordpress hosting packages and prices they offer.

Turhost Wordpress Host | En İyi Wordpress Hosting

You can use the detailed review button to review the full features of the packages.


Cenuta, which has a history of about four years, is a company that has made a name for itself in the market with the features it offers in wordpress hosting packages. As with other companies, some wordpress hosting packages offer free domain names. You can check the Cenuta wordpress hosting package and prices below.

Cenuta Wordpress Hosting Paketleri

You can use coupon code ”8X2UH4YIP5PC” to buy WordPress hosting with 24% discount from Cenuta company.


Veridyen, which has been serving since 2016, is among the first choices of many website owners. The company’s powerful servers and relatively affordable packages are the reason for preference. You can compare Veridyen wordpress hosting packages and prices in the image below.

Veridyen Wordpress Hosting Paketleri

After the ranking of domestic hosting companies, let’s list the companies that offer wordpress hosting packages around the world.


Bluehost is a hosting company that advertises with large budgets all over the world and renews itself daily like Google with the conversions it receives.

Despite being subject to negative reviews, it has over 180 thousand customers. It is one of the leading companies in the field of wordpress hosting when its prices and features are compared globally.

Bluehostwordpress Hosting Scaled


It is a company that has proven that you offer good service at a reasonable price with the high satisfaction notifications it receives from many platforms on the part of its customers. It has data centers in America, Europe and Asia. In addition, as with many companies, special Woocommerce hosting packages are available for E-commerce-based projects.

Fastcomet Wordpress Hosting


Hostinger, which is frequently mentioned in the world in the field of server services, is among the top selling companies in the world with its wide options in the field of wordpress hosting and data centers in many countries. It offers its services in Turkey with the domain name hostinger.web.tr. You can review the price and package features from the table below.

Hostinger Wordpress Hosting

Note: Since the prices and features are determined by the companies, there may be changes in these packages over time. This listing was made on April 7, 2022. You can find up-to-date features and prices on the companies’ websites.

In this list, we have compiled the prices and features of the prominent companies that offer wordpress hosting services in Turkey and in the world. The list will be updated over time. You can easily follow important developments and updates by allowing notifications. You can share your experiences with us in the comment section below.


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