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Hello everyone, this is what a lot of wordpress website owners are looking for in our content wordpress whatsapp pluginYou will learn how to add it to your site. Wahtsapp contact button There are a lot of plugins available for (flying balloon) but we will talk about the most used join.chat wordpress plugin that does not slow down the speed of your site.

Thanks to this plugin, without the need for code knowledge; wordpress site Add whatsapp contact button you can.

WordPress Wahtsapp Plugin Installation

First, from the wordpress admin panel to the plugins page, at the top of the page that opens, click on the add new button join.chat we write. We install our plugin in the picture below.

Wordpress Whatsapp Plugin
Wordpress Whatsapp Plugin

After installing our plugin, we say activate. Wordpress we reach the plugin settings page by clicking on our plugin that is replaced by the Whatsaap button in the left main panel.

Wordpress Whatsapp join.chat Plugin Settings

The plugin’s settings are pretty simple. As in the image below;

Join.chat Wordpress Plugin Settings
  • Phone In the section we write the phone number that is the wahtsaap account that you want to be contacted.
  • Message section allows users who click the button to start with you with an automated question. you can leave it blank if you wish.
  • Picture this shows the icon selected for the whatsaap button. you can leave it as is or upload the icon you set.
  • Clue this section refers to the text that will appear when the button is hovered. you can write live support.
  • Location button to the right or left of your website.
  • Button delayStaying at this value, which comes in at 3 seconds, prevents your site from consuming more resources while loading and should be a minimum of 3 seconds to avoid slowness in the boot speed. You can take it up to 4-5-6 seconds if you want.

You can adjust the remaining settings according to your wishes.

Join.chat Wordpress Plugin Settings2

In this content, many website owners and wordpress website designer needs, website users can easily contact you wordpress whatsapp pluginWe have discussed the installation of ni.

We will explain the method of adding a plug-in free Wahtsapp contact button in our next article. Wordpress category You can browse other easy solutions related to wordpress by following the page.

You can send us your questions from the comment section below.

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